Dylan Collins, Growth Hacking, Mick Crean, Rob Cumiskey

Dublin Growth Hackers July 10th event : sneak insight with Rob Cumiskey, Hailo



One week to go till the next Dublin Growth Hackers event.


There are three great speakers lined up; Dylan Collins from SuperAwesome, Mick Crean from MicksGarage, and last, but definitely not least Rob Cumiskey from Hailo.

To help give an idea to what to expect at the next Growth Hackers event, Rob Cumiskey, from Hailo, kindly agreed to give a sneak preview of next weeks talk.

Rob is another successful Irish marketer, growth hacker and serial entrepreneur, working for Hailo for 2 ½ years. On the night he will tell us how the business grew, and the ups and downs along the way. Rob has insights into how the app was developed and promoted, mentioning how to get leads quickly, and the growth hack tools used to do this.

Rob will also talk about why the Hailo app came to Dublin, why it is now one of Hailo’s most successful markets, and where else it has been launched.

Rob has great insights into the promotional initiatives used to increase the number of people using Hailo. He will also talk about his own role as a full stack marketer, tweaks developed along the way, and strategic decisions taken to gain more users.

As a bonus Rob will also mention his latest venture PROSPR http://www.prosprhealth.com/ and the exciting plans he has for that as well…

Check out Sasha Blumenfeld’s sneak preview video with Rob

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaNlMHBmyDc ,

We look forward to seeing you there next week.



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