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Cape Clear sea arch, vivid blue skies

By @SimonCocking using the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Cape rainbow light, March

By @SimonCocking using Canon G5X IMG_5036 IMG_5027 IMG_5028 IMG_5032 IMG_5044 IMG_5046 IMG_5047 IMG_5053

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Stormy Imogen comes to visit

By @SimonCocking

The crossing was lively. The priest said it was his worst in 20 years of coming to the island. Down on the beach the next day the wind was really howling. Even parking the car, over 100 metres away, there was sea foam blowing over. Walking up the hill to reach the Dunanoir (golden castle) beach the wind was whipping up and over me. They talk about 100 mile an hour winds, maybe it wasn’t but walking and even breathing was difficult as you were pounded by it. After cautiously staggering onto the beach, and across, through the foam, my trousers, from toes to waist, were completely covered in foam. I should have taken a picture of that! Next time.

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Winter Cape pictures with Kaiser Baas

By @SimonCocking

Pictures today with the Kaiser Bass x150. Have been impressed with the quality of the colours it is able to capture, and on the videos we have taken the images look really sharp and vivid. Many of these pictures were taken by Alex who has a great sense of composition, and the ability to see the interesting visual potential in many objects.




Kaiser Bass X150 equipment supplied by Harvey Norman, Dublin

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Inside the sea cave, finally, still pretty hairy

By @SimonCocking using Canon Powershot D30

As you may have worked out from the last few posts (I, IIIII, it’s been pretty choppy and swelly this last week. Weather stats for today suggested wave height of ‘only 1.8 metres’ rather than the 2.3 for the last attempt. So I figured give it one more go before the camera went back. Got in, but still a little more wavy than it was back in the summer.

All videos 10 seconds are less. On returning to shore to show the pictures to my director and inspiration she said to me ‘is that all you got?’ I laughed and said you try putting the paddle down, filming smoothly, and not capsizing.