Canon G5X, Cork, West Cork, Photography, Photography, West Cork

February rocks in West Cork

By @SimonCocking using Canon G5X, first impressions at the end.

IMG_3742 IMG_3772 IMG_3775 IMG_3782 IMG_3852 IMG_3874 IMG_3981 Camera is easy to use, light, takes good pictures, though hard to really verify this at the time. So you have to point and shoot a little, hope for the best and then have a proper look on a big screen when you upload it to a pc / laptop etc. The zoom is great, it can really hone in on things a long distance away. The results look pretty good too, not noticeably pixellated. The picture of rocks across the water was taken with the zoom, and it looks pretty good.

Still working it out, but for a first point of access it’s pretty accessible, kids were able to shoot with it too, and it feels small enough that they  can handle it safely too.






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