Cape Clear, Kaiser Baas, Kayaking, Photography

Boxing Day / Stephen’s Day kayaking

By @SimonCocking

Pouring with rain, though very low wind. It’s hard to capture wave heights when you’re out in it. Fortunately too, I no longer had the camera in my mouth when I finally capsized. Before that we were happily paddling away in water that was getting increasingly choppy. At one point I realised I was ‘up’ on a whole mass of water looking down on my paddling companion, and he was a long way below me. I’d say at least 20 feet above him. He said more like 4 metres, but still higher than what he’d have chosen to paddle in.





We rolled through and survived all the really hairy stuff. There was still an unspoken agreement that it was time to push back through this really swilly messy mass of water and return to calmer waters. Silent concentration. Made it through, generally it looks more hairy than it is because the swell rises and passes through where your boat is sitting on the water.

Then, as we reached slightly calmer waters, something came from my left, and …, whoah, not able to adjust to it, and that slow stomach churn of the sure knowledge that you’re going over. Gotta practice my eskimo rolls a whole lot more. Meantime I knew I had to reach for the ripcord, underwater, hoping the camera was still wedged under the water-seals of my kayaking jacket.

Naturally the whole mini episode was watched by someone while they were on the phone, incidentally noting the capsize, swim to the front of the other boat, and eventual re-embarkation. It was all dealt with quite calmly, but thank goodness it hadn’t happened 5 mins earlier in the big waves. Sure we’d have been grand, but there might have been a lot more splashing around.

Images taken on Kaiser Baas X150 camera supplied by Harvey Norman








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