Cape Clear, Kaiser Baas, Photography, West Cork

In between storms, short sunny bursts with Kaiser Baas on Cape Clear

By @SimonCocking using Kaiser Baas X150









After the impressive 45 degrees wind and rain from Friday night things brightened up over the weekend. We took the Kaiser Baas out again to see how it would do in brighter light conditions. It does seem to capture a decent range of colours, though you can see from the little blur on the right of the first picture that you have to be careful to keep fingers out of the way. There was a good sunset and it wasn’t really possible to capture the subtleties of what was going on with the rays of the sun.

With the video, the quality looks great, really good. The sample one we’ve included is a bit shaky, handheld doesn’t really work, but it does capture good quality images. The one thing, across a series of videos we took, was that while the visual quality is really good, when used within it’s casing, it drastically muffles the audio quality. This is unfortunate, maybe there is a setting to change that.

Kaiser Baas equipment supplied for review by Harvey Norman, Dublin. 


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