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Cape Clear sea caves, pt 1 stills, trialing SONY action cam

By @SimonCocking using SONY live-view remote kit

Wave heights dropped to under 2 metres, and low tide, a great combination to actually get out and into the sea caves of South Harbour. First impressions of the SONY action cam after the images. See videos here.


After a brief uphill experience trying to work out how to make the wrist controller talk to the camera we were in business. It would have been good if the camera came with a memory card as this is a barrier to being able to just turn it all on and use it. The wrist device is also made for a right handed person, which is naturally going to be an inconvenience to the other 20% of the world. You can wear it on your right hand (generally the watch hand for lefties) but it digs into your hand, whereas on the left hand it would sit more comfortably over your wrist / lower arm.

With this minor issues out of the way, it was a great way to film and take stills while out paddling. This is worth a lot, as putting down the paddle to take out a camera is not always an option. For this reason we liked it. The camera also comes with a variety of fittings to allow you to fix it to the device of your choice. We added it to a helmet, and then also to the front of the car too. Both worked well. You can see from the images above that they are slightly slanted, so this is something you would need to keep an eye on, to make sure you have it aligned optimally.

Overall we enjoyed using it, and it also quickly inspired us to think of other ways it might be used too. So far so good.







2 thoughts on “Cape Clear sea caves, pt 1 stills, trialing SONY action cam

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