Beaches, Canon, Canon PowerShot, Digital Photography, Photography, West Cork

South Harbour, choppy waters

By @SimonCocking using Canon Powershot D30

(pics first, words at end)



IMG_0389 IMG_0390







It feels weird the first time you take a camera and stick it into the sea, under the water, and press the button. It feels wrong. But I read the manual (for the first time, to check) and it said up 30 or 40 metres under way, far more than 6 inches anyway.

Testing the camera more thoroughly third and fourth time out, discovered the zoom is pretty impressive, though with the boat bobbing around a little tricky to snap freely. But I was out in a lull between a couple of different gale force storms, so that might be the conditions rather than the camera.

It was messy, and I did well not to capsize, and grab some pics too. Not possible to get into the sea caves yet, still way too rough, but will try again after tomorrow’s storm eases.


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