Barry Mottorshead, Canon, Canon PowerShot, Kayaking, Photography, Surf Summit, Web Summit 2014

Sligo Kayaking at Surf Summit, trialing the Canon PowerShot D30

By @SimonCocking images taken using Canon PowerShot D30, UX notes at end.

Thanks to Barry Mottorshead from Sligo Kayaking for taking us out.






IMG_0076First time using Canon PowerShot D30. It’s a waterproof camera. Some of the shots came out great, with others the images looked a little bleached out. We tried to get some detail shots of the moss on the trees, a sign of the air cleanliness. It was sometimes hit and miss in terms of which shots worked well. It is small and compact which is good. The camera is ideal for snaps on the beach, a little trickier for use on a kayak. That said so far we are happy with the images taken above and will keep trialing it to see how it performs. Next up we plan to try it out in some sea caves to see how the flash works.


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