Cape Clear, Photography, Sony, West Cork

Chasing colours

By @SimonCocking using Sony A7R camera and SEL55F18Z lens 

Day 2. Notes at the end, images first.






Didn’t even notice the dog when I took it!DSC08811




Camera strap almost slid out of holder. Put it back in, this time to see if it would work itself loose again. It did. Not good for such a valuable piece of equipment. Rethreaded it and then knotted the strap too, shame to have your camera broken so easily.

Camera does feel light and usable, maneuverable in your hand, lighter than some cameras. This is a good feature of it. Takes picture quickly, though a slight delay in returning the image for you to check it. Maybe that is due to the size of the image.

Generally I am pretty happy with the images it returns, however prior to shooting the view through the view finder isn’t great, so you sort of feel like you are hitting and hoping. Trusting to the fact that externally you’ve seen a good image, and now you just have to trust that the camera captured it. Which generally, later on, when viewing it on a laptop, it does seem pretty good, however at the time, through the lens finder you’re not getting a clear view at all of the prospective image.

As this is only day two, I will go with the idea that this is probably me rather than the camera. There was another great sunset tonight, images to come later, but while I could see a great red in one part of the sky, the display on the image taken was not showing me this. This seemed like one time when the camera was capturing less colour than the eye could see. We’ll see once they go up on a bigger screen.

Overall still enjoying using it, and delighted to have had a good sunset for the second night in a row. We’ve had 5 sunny days now (was wet and raining this morning), but still 5 good afternoons. After those two completely rain and cloud filled days in the previous 3, this is good going. But not always remaining clear for the sunsets, last night first one in 3 nights.


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