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Ronan Fogarty, NUIG, Galway end of season review

By @SimonCocking

mixed outdoors (1)

How did the season go for your team?

Overall I feel that NUIG had a very solid season maintaining the standards we have set for ourselves. Open indoor IV’s was slightly disappointing as a slow start meant that we couldn’t finish where we expected to going into the tournament. At women’s indoors a team made up of predominantly beginners put in several strong performances against much more experienced teams and showing the potential they have. Mixed indoors saw another solid display with the team finishing 7th and some of our beginner girls turning in strong performances. The conclusion of the indoor season saw our women’s team pull off a shock victory at devs showing just how far they have progressed in the year.

The outdoor season was, to me anyway, quite successful though results didn’t always reflect that. At Siege the NUIG team was used to try and get the developmentals team playing together along with one or two experienced heads. This team performed extremely well beating their seeding and learning some very important lessons along the way. Unfortunately this didn’t translate to devs where they failed to win a game but still showed that there will be some very strong players on the team for the future. Siege was also a major milestone for the NUIG womens team, and the club, as it was the first time a women’s team from Galway took part in any outdoor competition as far as I’m aware. The girls gave by far the best showing of any Galway team at the tournament, losing their only substitute to injury early in the second game they went on to iron man the remainder of the tournament and with three universe point losses no one got an easy game against the Galway girls.

Mixed outdoor IV’s saw the best outdoor tournament finish of the season with NUIG finishing 5th and only losing to eventual winners UCC, if I’m remembering that correctly. At open IV’s we cam 6th for the third year in a row, holding our seeding in the process. the team played well throughout the tournament but came away slightly disappointed not to have given a better showing of ourselves in the 5th/6th game against a strong Maynooth team.

Overall there were a lot of positives to take from the year and a strong base to build for the future from.

women siege

What were the team’s highlights, and your own ones too?

The performance of NUIG in both divisions of siege is undoubtedly a highlight for the team especially because most of the players across the two teams had less than a years experience. It’s also hard to look past the win at ladies devs, It’s always nice to get some silverware.

My own highlights would have to be playing at my first siege and playing a beach tournament in France (Yes but Nau) with the college.

Anything you would have done differently, looking back?

I definitely would have tried to have more of an emphasis on fitness at training as our fitness levels cost us towards the end of tournaments this year.

How did freshers fair go (way back when)? Did you get many players who had played previously (at school)?

We managed to take in a lot of beginners with about 70-80 at the first training session (though giving out free burrito vouchers could’ve had something to do with that). I don’t think any of them, bar some of the foreign lads who came over for the year, but they seemed to pick it up pretty quickly.

How many were still playing by the end of the year?

We managed to hold onto about 12 of our beginners.

Was this the usual sort of level, or did you do anything different this year, which had more or less success in retaining / gaining new players?

I think that this is quite a large number in comparison to the last couple of years anyway. I don’t think we did anything hugely different this year but I think more and more people are hearing about the sport before they get to college which makes our job easier. We also made a big effort to make them feel part of the team.

womens indoors

How many of your first team players will you be losing? Are you excited / positive about 2015/6?

We’re losing Nial McDermott, LJ Fitzgerald and Eoin Breen, three players with a lot of experience between them which will be a big loss, but I think the younger lads on the team are ready to step up next year and really make a mark on the team.

As for 2015/16 I’m always positive going into a new season and I think we have a lot of talent in the club to build a very strong team from.

Will many of your team be playing in the summer somewhere? (Worlds / summer lge etc)

Our outgoing captain Emma O’Callaghan will be playing with the senior womens team. We have LJ on the U-23 mixed team and Dorothee Driever will be on the Irish Junior womens team, we just won’t mention that she’s German.

As for everyone else hopefully they try and keep up some kind of ultimate over the summer and come back stronger in September.

Will you follow the progress of the various Irish teams going to international tournaments this summer?

Definitely, I’ll be following them as much as possible and hopefully we can get a few of the games streamed live as the Irish always put up a good fight against whoever they play.

Anything you plan to do to improve your own game over the summer?

I really want to get my throwing better over the summer so I’ll be doing a lot of it over the summer and in the main I just plan to try and keep fit so I can ht the ground running at the start of next year.

Open IVs

What else should we have asked you / would you like to add?

Just that I’m really looking forward to the next college year and that I’m really excited to see how Irish ultimate will grow in and out of colleges over the next few years.


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