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Steven Dawkins, Trinity College Dublin, end of season review

By @SimonCocking

How did the season go for you team?

I’m splitting my answer into Indoors, Outdoors, and a TL;DR.


Trinity Ultimate at Mixed Indoor IVs

We took a different approach to our indoor season this year, treating it as a more developmental competition, with a lot of first and second years on the first team, which resulted in a 5th place finish. But our second team won Spirit, which got the ball rolling for our run of winning Spirit.

Our Women’s team had a great weekend at their Indoor Ivs, finishing 2nd, and were joint Spirit winners with UCD.

For Mindoors, we sent in two really strong teams, and this showed with an all Trinity semi-final. We ended up finishing 1st and 4th, and again, we won Spirit!


For Mixed IVs, we sent a team with the aim of having fun, and not overly worrying about the results of the day. We finished up fourth and won Spirit.

At UniLeague we made some snow-angels.

For Women’s IVs, we sent a relatively small squad, who finished fourth after a semi-final loss to eventual winners UCC, which took a lot out of them for the 3/4 playoff, which they narrowly lost.

At Open Devs, we were aiming for the team to come away having learnt a lot and gain some valuable experience. We gave eventual winners UL their closet game, losing out by two or three frisbee goals, and then tired legs lost out the 3/4 game against DCU. We were able to get some energy back though, from the chocolate biscuit cake we got for winning Spirit, which proved that UCC not only play good frisbee, but make good cake too!

Trinity 1st Team at Open Outdoor IVs

Finally, to end our season, we hosted Open Outdoor IVs. Despite a bit of stress wondering if we’d have four pitches, everything worked out fine and we had an enjoyable weekend on the organisational front. On the playing front, our first team went unbeaten Saturday and Sunday, defeating six of the top eight to take the Open Outdoor IVs Trophy home. We had some really tight games, especially against UL and UCD who really pushed us to our limits. It was the first time in a couple of years that we had a second team at Open Outdoor Ivs, and the team were entirely developmental, going out with the aim of having fun and getting results where they could. We did so, came 14th, and everyone one  of the players gained experience and had fun. Our first team also won Spirit, which brought to a close a great year of Ultimate for Trinity, winning two IV events, and Spirit at all Open and Mixed IV tournaments.

TL;DR: I thought this season was a great success! Everyone enjoyed themselves and we won some stuff, which was nice.

What were the team’s highlights, and your own ones too?

Winning both the tournament itself and Spirit at Mixed Indoor IVs and Open Outdoor IVs was pretty cool. As well as winning Spirit at all the Open and Mixed Intervarsity events.

As for personal highlights, I got to captain a few teams (Beginner tournaments, Open Indoors 2nd team, Open Devs), which was a learning experience! Also, playing on the Ireland Open Beach team at WCBU was a truly memorable week, one which won’t be topped for a good while.

Anything you would have done differently, looking back?

Nope, it all seemed to go pretty well!

How did freshers fair go (way back when)? & Did you get many players who had played previously (at school).

Freshers Fair went quite well from our point of view! We had really enthusiastic people out on the stand recruiting, and the first couple of training sessions on the cricket pitch had a great turnout. I think we became a medium sized club this year, in terms of signups, with roughly the same number as boxing, with over 250 signups! As for players who had played previously, there were two or three, but the majority had never played Ultimate before.

How many were still playing by the end of the year?

A solid 15-20 were still playing at the end of the year, and they made up the majority of the second team at Open Outdoor IVs, which was nice.

Was this the usual sort of level, or did you do anything different this year, which had more or less success in retaining / gaining new players?

The last two years we’ve made a big effort in creating a good atmosphere around the club, and focusing on beginner retainment and development, following a poor recruitment three years ago.

How many of your first team players will you be losing? Are you excited / positive about 2015/6?

We’re losing six players from our first team. Cian, Sam, Carl, Sarah, Dan and Christian are all leaving us, so it’ll be sad to see them go, as they’ve been such a big part of the club. They were such big influences on this club, and have helped shape it into the success it is today! But thats just the way college ultimate works, and we’ve got a class bunch of second and third years who are fierce willing to lead the club forward!

Trnity past and present at WCBU

Will many of your team be playing in the summer somewhere? (Worlds / summer lge etc)

There’s a couple of our players on the Mixed U23 squad, Cat and Rory, and then ROBERT HOLLAND is on the Mixed EUC team as well, so they’ll be bringing a lot of experience back to the team next year.

A few people are also off to America this summer, and could be playing in some Summer Leagues over there, which sound good craic. And then theres club ultimate and Summer League in Dublin which a lot of us will be playing.

Will you follow the progress of the various Irish teams going to international tournaments this summer? 

That’s something I’m really looking forward to! All of the Irish teams seem pretty active on their Facebook pages, and all the recent tournaments have been good at updating scores and fixtures as they happen, so it shouldn’t be too tough to find out how people are getting on! When I was at WCBU, the support from the Irish community was really loud, so I’m looking forward to reciprocating that!

Anything you plan to do to improve your own game over the summer?

Its hard to look past throwing and catching!

What else should we have asked you / would you like to add?

Just that I’m really enjoying this series of interviews! It’s been great to get perspective from different colleges on how this season went, so thanks for putting the shift in and doing the interviews!


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