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Irish Intervarsities 2015. Words and pictures

By @SimonCocking

TCD, Santry, Trinity win intervarsities for first time since 2009!  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASlightly unexpectedly Trinity came good in the final and won against a useful looking UCD team.


On route to the final UCD had dispatched their opponents with more to spare than TCD. Sometimes though a series of close games can make you a tougher prospect for the final, and this proved to be true for TCD this year.


Across the other pitches there was a lot of high quality ultimate on display. Both losing semi finalists looked like good teams with a lot of depth and exciting future potential. For UCC losing to UCD meant an absence from the final for the first time in around 7 years. However they played well and weren’t much off the pace. Similarly UL looked very promising, only being squeezed out of the final on universe point by the eventual winners.


The wind was a big factor on both days. On Saturday especially upwind / down wind points were crucial, and at least one game went the way of the team that begin the game upwind (by choice or not).


The teams finishing from 5 – 8 all played well and showed they were able to deal with the tricky wind conditions. Maynooth took 5th beating NUIG, potentially marking the end of the Zombie (Brian Óg Caball) led era, as a whole group of seriously talented players will now graduate. Maynooth have been a great example of how a relatively small squad can grow and develop over four years and achieve some fantastic results. It will be interesting to see how the next crop step up.

DCU and UCC2 filled out the top 8 rankings. DCU provided the perfect riposte to issues about seeding. Four straight wins took them right back into the top 8 and showed if you’re good enough you’ll get back to the ranking you feel you’re due.


Queens looked strong, and DIT continued their yoyo existence between top 8 and plate finals. Beyond the top 10, were the various second teams and ITB. Overall this shows the continuing growth and depth of Irish college ultimate. It’s an impressive testament to the work of Dominick Smyth and everyone else working at the schools level that these teams have increasing numbers of players who have already played high level tournaments before even reaching college age.


Sunday morning started brutally, with lots of wind and rain. It is still a shame to see teams dropping out of games on the Sunday, especially as the weather continued to improve throughout the day. This in itself may be one of the final learning curves for more inexperienced players, of the need to pace yourself across two days. ITB, and UCD2 among others not completing their fixtures on the Sunday. This is a shame as you learn so much more by playing than conceding.

Well done to DIT for winning the plate final, for the 2nd time in 3 years, for a sequence of 9th, 8th, 9th, yoyo anyone?


Well done to Trinity for hosting and organising the tournament. Hopefully Irish college ultimate will continue to thrive and grow!

The 14 year roll of honour

2002 TCD     2003 UCD    2004 UCD     2005 UCD

2006 TCD    2007 TCD     2008 TCD     2009 TCD

2010 UCC    2011 UCC    2012 UCC    2013 UCC

2014 UCD    2015 TCD



7 thoughts on “Irish Intervarsities 2015. Words and pictures

  1. Seamus says:

    Nice write up. I’m confused about 1 little thing.The calendar year of 2004 had no intervarsities.

    The 2003-2004 edition was held in autumn ’03 (in a similar way to all intervarsities up to then… Or so I understand…)

    And then for 2004-2005 it was sensibly moved to spring time ’05. (possibly Dom’s suggestion).

    I’m not sure what has happened with the engraving on the cup? Have they just named each academic year based on the calendar year in which it finishes? Or maybe tcd cheekily decided to claim that one subsequently.

    Can you explain it perhaps? Do the early years of varsities results correspond with your memories?


    • Simon Cocking says:


      Good question. I think I may have played in the 2002 version in Cork with DCU, though that may have just been the first Cork tournament and not even intervarsities. After that I’m pretty sure I didn’t play in any more until 2012 with NUIM. I just copied the dates from the engraving on the cup, it seemed interesting to have all the results in one place!

      It would be good to know, but I think it needs someone who was actually playing intervarsities during those years to clear that one up…


      • Seamus says:

        Well, based on what I played here’s what I remember, along with some deductive speculation.

        I first played the (autumn) 2003 varsities in cork … possibly with you also… With the ‘coaches rule’.
        (we were 4th I believe). UCD won it. We were 4th.

        I understood from the likes of Rob Staunton and Barry McCaul that it had been in cork the previous year too.

        My memory says that in autumn 2004, ucc decided to fill the autumn hole in the calendar (created by varsities moving to spring) with the cork open.

        And then I played varsities in spring 2005…my last one (with DCU at least)…a one day tournament in UCD, and the first time varsities had strict eligibility rules (you had to actually attend a university to play for them… No coaches rule, no ‘year of grace’). UCD won that one… To make it 3 in a row.
        Which implies that the 2002 engraving is wrong!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Simon Cocking says:

    Cool, next question then is who commissioned the 2002 engraving … TCD controversially sneaking in a win!?

    However I do remember TCD winning a college based tournament in ’02, with Dec Breslin, Adam Keyes, Brian MacDevitt, Sarah Alliman among others. It was in Cork, and a photo surfaced of it recently – so it would be fair to claim that that was them winning the 2002 one…


  3. Seamus says:

    Could that have been ’01? Since I’m claiming that there was none in’ 04, perhaps the tournament history goes back a little further, making the same number of total editions.

    Before my time, anyway. We’d need to consult some more early years players…or perhaps the pookas archives… to find out whether it’s the engraving or me, who is wrong.


  4. Seamus says:

    I did just have a quick look at the pookas archives… With the search term ‘intervarsities’…

    From what I can tell… The first one was spring 02 won by trinity.

    I found the autumn 03 one won by ucd. I didn’t see any from autumn 02 or spring 03 (aside from indoor intervarsities in sligo).

    I did see some agm summary about moving varsities from autumn to spring… So I still think there was none in calendar year 04.

    But I’m quite sure that UCD winning in 05 was discussed as their 3rd in a row…

    So either there was one in autumn 02 or spring 03 that I haven’t found…(I guess so… That makes most sense… And it would be sensible to have engraved the cup counting autumn 03 as 2004…rather than doubling up one year.

    Or else they counted indoors (I hope not).


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