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WCBU : The Philippines

By @SimonCocking Images by UltiPhotos 


Is it just a beach sport there, or do you play on grass too?

There are more grass tournaments.  Very few beach tournaments.


You guys appeared to come out of nowhere at WCBU a few years ago, and really hit the ground flying! Had you been in stealth mode for a while?

First time we joined WCBU in Brazil 2007.  We had no expectations except to see how beach ultimate is being played abroad.  We started winning and made it to the finals.  With just 7 players.

You have a great playing style, fluid, with great hammers and layouts, is beach a natural environment for you guys?

Our team, the Boracay Dragons, are based in the beautiful island called Boracay. Everyone is just comfortable running on sand, hence the speed.  So I guess that’s a big advantage.


Are you all from one city, or from all over the country? How has that affected training for WCBU?

This year, we are bringing some of the best players in the Philippines.  We had a training camp in Boracay for about a month.  Most of the players stopped there lives from where they are from.  Some took a leave from work/school and some even resigned from work just to be able to join the training.  So this gave us more time to bond, work, train as a team.

Have you noticed other countries adopting different tactics to deal with your offence?

Yes.  Most of them try to take advantage of their height.

What do you hope to achieve at WCBU 2015

This is the biggest delegation we are sending for an ultimate event (Open, Mixed, Open Masters and Womens Masters).  We want to play to the best of our abilities.  SOTG is very important and we want to play with great Spirit during the tournament.  We also want to enjoy Dubai, spend time with ultimate friends around the world and make new ones.

Who are you looking forward to playing, why?

All teams in our brackets.  Each team will play differently and it will be a good experience.

Predictions in your categories?

The disc is round, it’s hard to say.  But hopefully it finally goes our way 🙂


Will we see you at grass 7 aside worlds in London in 2016?

The Philippines is looking forward to London in 2016.


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