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R2, the story that just keeps giving

By @SimonCocking

Love him or hate him, there’s something about R. It’s a story that just keeps giving. Or rather the great photos just keep coming. Thanks to Dman  for these beauts.


  The brownshirted Indiana Jones baddie, with the poor innocent about to meet her doom. 

DUB06200[1] French nouvelle vague, pah, a mere triffle!


I’m doing time in a maximum security twilight home, don’t touch my ‘woman’   

IMG_2072  You vil do vat I ask of you, and you vil enjoy it too …


Even at rest Brona knows better than to speak out of turn, while RG contemplates his lolly


Just to illustrate that intensity existed on the pitch too.

Alternatively you could try and fill in those speech bubbles, something along the lines of 

“now Brian I’ve heard some pretty out there suggestions from you before, but giving the opposition a 7 points bonus just because we are bagelling them, has to be one of the …”


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