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How to do well in Google ranking

By @SimonCocking

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It’s not all about Google, and in many ways it’s important to have a strategy that doesn’t solely focus on trying to anticipate the latest tweaks and fluctuations to the Google algorithms. However if you write regular, useful content then you’ll be surprised how quickly your site begins appearing on the first page of results.

The good news too is that if you have a great website it will do well regardless of Google. Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Pirate, are some of the names of the various Google algorithms over the years that have been cursed and much discussed. SEO specialists have made lots of money over the years selling advice to companies about meta keywords, optimising titles and a lot of other things that at times have seemed close to snake oil and voodoo.

A key thing for doing well in search rankings is to write good, frequent, relevant content. Articles that are helpful to others, timely, and, as we’re all human too, ideally look nice and perhaps even funny too. Naturally there is a whole conversation to be had about remembering that Google is not ultimately here for our good, they are here to make money, and are doing that fantastically well. Some will quote their initial mantra of ‘don’t be evil’. So which is it? Wonderful philanthropic organisation, X projects et al, or evil non tax paying multinational, exploiting us via our browsing history?

The answer, as is often the case, is surely somewhere in the middle.

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Yes yes, but what about doing well in google searches!?

Some simple wins to achieve this.

+ Tag and categorise your posts

It’s an easy win, and surprising how many people don’t do this. Why do it? Because you will then get other people coming to your site accidentally / organically. People who had never heard of you or your posts, but your title elegantly matched their search. This article for example achieved about 180 million hits when I typed it in. Now we’ll see how it does, but it is increasing the odds of getting some drive-by trade (though no drive by trollings hopefully).

+ Write smart titles

See above, type the beginning of your title into the browser and see how many hits it is getting. There are tools you can use to generate titles too. Tweakyourbiz for example has a good one, or find one of your own choosing.

+ Write regularly

Much like all those poor new year diaries that get filled in for a few pages before being abandoned, so too with blogs, there are many many millions with only one or two posts before the owner lost interest. If you can manage to keep to a regular (but achievable) schedule, you will already be an above average writer, and it will do wonders for your sites performance.


Go forth and rise in the rankings. We are currently eating our own dog food in this regard, such a great expression, trying to pull up the ranking of a website, It will be a good test to see if our plan works. Rather than stuffing the text with SEO optimised key words, blah blah blah etc, instead we are going to try and create a series of useful, helpful and relevant articles for our readers. Good luck with your own efforts and look forward to hearing how you get on too.





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