Some great (80’s) tunes to give these winter winds a blast


Cold dark mornings, wind blowing the panels out of my greenhouse. Gaffer tape can only fix so much… music helps balance the devastation inflicted outside.


1. Are friends electric? / Cars

Never seen this video before, it’s great quality, he looks so young, and kinda having fun with it too.

Love will tear us apart again

2. Love will tear us apart, again

This song doesn’t depress me, you could almost say perhaps it’s a Mancunian take on ‘Love the one you’re with’.


3. Rise

Take it, all of it, and give it a good kick in the …


4. Your twisting my melons man, Step On

Great tune, one of many by them


5.  Ghost town / Too much too young

Too little from too great a band, shame they didn’t do more.


6. Glad it’s all over

Submarines in the harbour, they’re yours, not mine… 


7. Fade to grey  / Ghosts

Always used to merge these two together, even though they don’t really have a whole lot in common.


8. She’s in parties

Never completely surely what this one was about, except that it was probably something to do with the movies. With distance you can see how much they all wanted to be David Bowie too.


9. Our lips are sealed

Great song, no wonder FB3 covered it, funny too that it was Belinda Carlisle too.

I remember sitting like that in the back of a similar car at Mardi Gras, full of females too, stereo playing loud, but as they say, yes yes we all have a past. 


10. Troy / Fire on Babylon

Our own no nonsense heroine.  “You should have left the light on”, been saying it to the kids for years … Never saw the video before either, pretty awesome. 



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