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My worst 5 blog posts in 2014 & the reasons why

By @SimonCocking

We can all write about how wonderful we were in 2014, and what successes we had. But …

For me, I’m more interested in the f@@k ups, the things that went wrong, the mistakes made. We grimace when we hear people talk about them, quietly thinking to ourselves, did I do that too?

One great thing about blogging, is that if you write a terrible, bad, misjudged article, usually the worst that will happen is that it will get ignored. People just won’t read it. Looking at my greatest flops of 2014 part of me wants to go back and delete, edit, or rewrite these posts. I can see now, why they did so badly.

The worst of these pieces were viewed approximately 4000 times less than other pieces produced around the same time. So they must have really sucked then? Well yes, and no.

We love all our babies, but even so, the harsh cruel world doesn’t. And the reality is that the world is actually a pretty good judge of what is and is not interesting. We do it ourselves on a daily basis. With too much information out there, we constantly make snap judgements about what we will and won’t give our time to.

These pieces deserve to be on the list, though some perhaps just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. However this further illustrates the value of timing too. Here we go.

1. Why Wired Magazine, UK & US rocks,

A really boring title & too much about me and not enough for you


Titles matter. It is a terrible title, too long, sounds boring, and a bit cheesy too. Looking inside too, it’s too much about the writer, too much like a diary entry, and no good visual eye candy. This one should definitely be rewritten.

2. Friends can often be a pain in the butt, in a good way

Too chatty, with no real value offered to the reader. No pictures either, which never helps. If you were Seth Godin, who I do like, then perhaps it might work, but even his whimsical style can get a little irksome after a while too.  The title is also actually confusing, which never helps.


3. What were they thinking book review 


This did ok, in some ways, but the title of the book is not too clear on what it was about. It was a good, useful read but to make it a more interesting article it would have benefited from some visual examples, and a more insightful subtitle.

4. View from Killary adventure center


13 photos, what was I thinking!? Doomed from the start. The photos are also too similar, which gets boring. LESS is MORE. Again and again. Also the content isn’t really helping anyone else either. Even the photo above,  I cropped it to make it slightly more interesting too. So another aspect where you need to work with what you have.

5.  Robot Uprisings 2014


Robots, sci-fi, what’s not to hate? Or not? Wrong audience. If I were to do it again, I would re-title it, to offer some value to the general reader, and then also target it more specifically at sci-fi niches. The places where the authors and their readers go. Part of your blog viewing success depends on being strategic about where and how you promote your offerings.

You get the idea. I was going to do 10, but I then decided LESS is MORE, especially for a slightly negative topic. Better to focus on the positive side of things. Many well received blog posts this year. It’s ok to miss the target on a few, especially if you learn from them, and avoid those mistakes next time around.



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