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How to get more traffic, from zero online presence to much much more in 10 months,

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By @SimonCocking, Dublin based, creative digital marketeer, blogger, writer, and serial experimenter.

Topic :

Growing you presence online, some tips, failures and stories.

With some episodes of epic failures along the way too, and an egg in the radiator to get us to Cong.



The Irish Social Media community is vibrant and thriving. I was really excited to hear about the CongRegation Social Media Gathering 2014, with apologies for my ignorance about not knowing about it before one of my social media mentors @jasonroe told me about it.

Until January of this year I had a minimal to zero online presence. This was fine, I used to joke I had my blog, it was just an offline one, my diary. Yeah, I know, not a very funny joke. Then, like a butterfly ready to emerge I blitzed it. 240 + blog posts later, I learned an awful lot.

But Congregation is going to be full of social media experts!!!

I know.

I imagine the gurus are bristling and saying ‘who does he think he is’!?

And it’s true. Buuuuut…. Pre-digital, pre  social media, I did build and grow a couple of companies  and a sport now played nationally across the country. So I figure between a mixture of my own experience of hustle, and the scathing ripostes of contemporary Irish social media gurus it should make for an interesting conversation for the audience.

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Eaten by the lions

My plan, is to put out the limited lessons I’ve learnt and then get torn to pieces by these higher beings. Currently it’s something I’ve been teaching to my fellow students on the UCD Innovation Academy course in Dublin. The feedback has been good. Some stuff they already ‘know’, but lots they don’t, or are not actually doing.



This is the slideshare  I won’t be presenting at Congregate. One, unsecret to improving your social media profile and impact, is to get out there and do it. Tools emerge and new platforms emerge, but they are all learnable. You just have to get your hands dirty.




Here are some screen shots from it that I won’t show, unless you really really want me to.



We don’t want to be writing clickbait, but we still need catchy titles.

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The wisdom of the crowds or plunging to the lowest common denominator?

I’m hopeful that we will come away wiser for exchanging our experiences about what has worked and what hasn’t. I’m guessing that if we didn’t think this way then we would have stayed at home tweeting by ourselves.

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It’s great to come to Cong, because …  we don’t do enough road trips in Ireland

Congregate is also a great idea because we don’t get out and about as often as we should or could. Hopefully we’ll bring everyone home again too.

4 Take Away points

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1. Face to face is still important

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2. There are many social media outlets, chose a few and focus on the quality of your content

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3. Have time off line too

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4. Ireland is big, it’s worth getting out and about

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