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100 posts! what worked, what didn’t

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11,000 views in just over 6 months. Pretty good going, and not. Everything is relative. This guy hit those numbers in the first week of launching one of his new blogs.

Still it’s fun to see the first ‘100’ come up. With guest blogging for these guys and these guys   and a few other places it’s probably actually closer to 150 posts, but whose counting. It’s been a great way to (quickly) learn what works and what doesn’t, and also that page views don’t always really matter a whole lot.

Most successful article? (Or rather most viewed)

Well probably also the silliest one too! A clear illustration that multiple page views does not always mean quality analysis. The biggest hit had a handful of words, 7  pictures and a typo in it.


What is this animal?

But to be honest it’s title was slightly click bait. It also asked a question, and that will often catch people’s interest.

The top ten articles then … (with a bonus 3 too)


Four of the posts on this list are photo essays, no surprise there. Four are on tech related topics, and five are ultimate frisbee related, which shows that even in a relatively small niche, you will still find enthusiastic readers keen to read about their own particular interests. If I had predicted what the top 10 would look like, I’d have predicted it would have all been photo essay based. This seems positive, people are still willing to read. I’d happily read more about these topics written by other people.

What sucked? The least popular posts.

Obviously we try to love all our babies equally. But, for others, well some of those puppies just didn’t grab them.

bottom 13

Many of these posts were written nearer the beginning of the blog rather than later on. Perhaps they got less views because I had less followers than I do now. However the clunky titles probably didn’t help. Usually when I reread the articles, I often see language that could be more concise and clearer. The great thing with a blog is that it is live A/B testing. If something sucks you can edit it, kill it, completely re-write it, or just go off and do something else.

Key take aways

+ It’s been fun. You learn a lot by doing, and reading, and looking at other people’s blogs, and by doing more.

+ By writing about it, if you keep at it, you do become an authority in your field. Sure maybe not the authority, but if you’re not in it, you’re never going to have a shot at winning it.

+ You do need to put it out there too. If you don’t have some social media outlets to send it to (twitter, linkedIn, facebook, pinterest, instagram) then it can’t get seen or shared with others.

+ Try and get as many of your facts right as possible before publishing. Then, as it’s not always easy to check everything, correct quickly as and when you’ve got something wrong.

+ There will be haters, try not to be one too. Remember they reckon between 80 – 95%  of online users are content consumers. A tiny percentage are creating. Therefore from the moment you stick your head above the parapets … you know the rest.

+ Some people say be controversial. It might just be more strategic to begin by considering as many of the positive things out there as possible. Several mummy bloggers have managed to permanently lose friends and family from ‘over sharing’ content that other people didn’t want shared. So far I think I’ve managed to only alienate one family member, but even that is perhaps one too many.

Thanks for all the positive, constructive, and useful feedback. I haven’t incorporated it all yet, but getting there.

And, hopefully it means not appearing in any more dodgy videos like this one. Maestro …


This one still makes me smile though



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