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How to get the most from the Dublin Web Summit

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This is coming soon, and hopefully as many of you as possible are able to beg, blag or steal a pass to get into it.

The Dublin Web Summit is returning again this November.

Web summit dates

Without getting too geeky about it, it can offer some good opportunities.

If you have a compelling story tell, or a product to pitch, this is a great place to do so. You never know who you may meet, though the attendee list   helps to give you a good idea of who might be worth meeting.


The event is on for three days, and three nights, with a bonus surfing trip at the end too, if you get picked from the lucky dip


While it might seem to kill some of the spontaneity, it’s probably a good idea to put some thought into what you would like to get out of the Summit. It is really big, at least 8 summits within ‘the’ Summit, with lots of really interesting people, some of whom might be the right people to talk to right now, and others less so.


If you are going to the web summit there are some good tips to help you get the most out of your time.

Here are two really useful resources created by other people:

1. From the Open University in England

Open U image

2014 Web Summit: Pitching and Conference Networking

10 really useful, practical tips about how to use your time while you are there and stand out from the crowd.


2. From the Web summit’s own blog  

Is a useful video from Rami Essaid with lots of smart tips for how to navigate your way around the event. Don’t hold it against him that it’s called ‘Conference Hacking’, there were actually some good ideas in his talk.

Otherwise there’s a value in just looking to see what the latest news and trends are. Hopefully you get in and have a really productive time. If not I’m hoping that it’s streamed too. Last year I watched a lot of it while doing the washing up over the next few weeks after it happened!


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