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Going going gone … Last Dublin Growth Hackers event, November Monday 3rd

Six and out

This will be the last Dublin Growth Hackers event. Book here 

Over the last 5 events in 2014 we’ve been lucky enough to have had a series of dynamic and engaging entrepreneurs come and share the secrets of how they grew their businesses. Clever viral tricks, and creative hacks to secure growth and success from limited resources.

In years to come you (may) hear people telling you about how they were there at one of these events. November 3rd is your next and final chance to be there at the last one.

Abbey Theater

As always the venue will be interesting, this time at the Abbey Theater. With a bar on hand to ensure the maximum potential for networking and getting the full value out of the evening.

The speakers, fittingly for the last event are dynamic people with great experience of how to grow and develop start up businesses.

Justin Mares

Justin Mares, co-author of Traction, the Startup guide to getting customers. If you go to the website of the book you can get 3 free chapters from the book too.

Alan O Rourke

Alan O Rourke will also be speaking too. The author of several successful marketing books on lead generation and conversion. You can check out his 30 days to sell slide share resource here based on his successful book.

Purple GH


The sponsor for the event is Blacknight solutions for Irish hosting and domain registration




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