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Just when I thought I was done with studying …

I got a message from one of those people that you know online, but hadn’t actually met in person yet. I’m not sure if there is a term yet for this. Not a friend, but someone you are positively disposed to. One of those people that you have weak links too, but who are supposed to be ideal for new jobs and opportunities. Anyway, they were sending out one of those, ‘I don’t know if you can help, but’ messages. They had a course due to start, a couple of places left on it, and did I know anyone that might be interested. I figured, fair enough, I’ll ping it out to my network, see if anyone bites.

Innovation Academy2

Personally I had just come to the end of a couple of back to back courses, and was more than ready to bite the bullet and return to work full time. I’m kinda done with living quite so hand to mouth. However part of me thought, hm, give it a look too. Just so you know what it is, in case any of those people you send it to ask you what it is about. The alumni student recommendations seemed positive, but they would be though wouldn’t they?

The pragmatist in me also thought, hm, it is only 18 weeks. With so many of these conversations I’m having with recruiters, they get all keen on you, promise you wonderful things, and then you never hear back from them again. Naturally I believed it would be different for me, but meantime I wondered. I had nothing to lose. It was ‘only’ 18 weeks, wait till I tell my partner that one. So I didn’t, I said it was on till Christmas (sort of true).

I then blitzed the application process, hit a few obstacles, fixed them, and bingo, I’d got myself a place. Five weeks into it I’m really happy with the people I’ve met on the course, both students and tutors. I’m not sure if I’ll make it to the end, a well paid full time job still has it’s appeal – the washing machine blew up a few weeks ago for one thing. But, or perhaps because of this, I’m determined to make the most of it while I am on it.

UCD Innovation Ac

Around me the fellow students are a really interesting mixture from different backgrounds and previous successful companies and ideas. This is great, positive, and more interesting than I had thought it might be. It’s interesting to see that different people have signed up for different reasons, looking to push themselves in different areas.

Several of them are also blogging about their experiences on the course which I find really interesting. Here are two that I’ve read so far Dave’s  and Ferdia’s 

Despite being an active blogger myself, this is not an area I’ve been interested to write about yet, nor will I probably do so either. For me I am keeping a reflective document going, but I feel like I need more distance and perspective on what is happening during the sessions. Something that the immediacy of a blog takes away for me. Still it is really interesting, as always, to see how other people are approaching the same subject material in such different ways.

This course runs frequently  and you can find out more details here 

And, not quite best of all, but still pretty sweet, there is a secret garden out the back too!








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