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Irish Ultimate, 20 years 20 big questions


Frisbee dog photo by Dan Daugherty

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In the year of Irish Ultimate 1 BC (one year before cocking) , somewhere between September ’94 and January ’95, an unknown American male came to these shores, with a disc in hand. From that day on, he, and those of his kind that followed came to be known as rams (random americans).  Ethno-anthropological evidence suggests he couldn’t have been that good because by September 1995, those followers that remained could barely throw a flick. Luckily things picked up after that point, and from that time onward Ultimate has been played in Ireland continuously.

As we now move into the third decade of ultimate on these shores it seems apt to take stock. Look at where we have come from, and where we hope to go.

Nb apologies in advance if some of the questions are slightly factually wrong, or borderline offensive. They are intended to provoke, spark debate as Irish Ultimate enters it’s third decade. Feel free to post comments or add questions that should have been asked.

1. Why do so few people keep playing the game?

2. Do we have a higher than average turn over in this sport?   

3. Playing for Ireland-itis, why do so many people quit the sport after playing for Ireland once at a summer tournament?

4. Should pick up in Ireland be banned?

5. Should we have ref’s and observers for our finals?


6. Will there be some event(s) in 2015 to celebrate 20 years, for example, TCD/Dublin versus Maynooth, to celebrate the first match to take place in Ireland? TCD/UCD 90’s / 00’s versus TCD/UCD 2015? etc?

7. Why have Rebel only won one Open All Ireland?

8. Why is Irish Ultimate still so small?

9. Why do so few adults / non students take up the sport?

10. Why do so few women keep playing in their late 20’s and beyond?

Woman frisbee freestyle

11. Why isn’t there a masters team yet?

12. Why is there no IT / Corporate / Software league?

13. Why are there so few members of other (non traditional Irish) ethnic groups playing?

14. When will Ireland beat GB in the Open division?

15. Can the Irish Mixed Beach success be repeated?

Frisbee mural

16. Why has it been so slow to achieve Irish sports council recognition?

17. What should the goals be for the next 5 – 20 years?

18. When will someone make enough money to buy some pitches and a club house in Dublin?

19. Will socks on / socks off (naked) beach ultimate ever take off in Ireland?

20. Should we have an Irish Hall of Fame!

Old frisbee guy






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