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Once upon a time in Blanch



Once upon a time, in a life long long ago, in a place far far away (on a bike at least) there was an art project.

So much that could be said about it, but …, as they say history is written initially by the winners, and then revised and corrected by the survivors.

This was a project I worked on, so long ago that I wasn’t sure if it was even still standing. Easily over a decade ago, and possibly closer to 12 years since I last even checked if it was still standing. I was showing the kids some of the images of great mosaics from around the world, and a few of the other things I had worked on, in inner city Dublin, and also in Honduras and Namibia. As it always with kids, and as it should be, I was showing them the images not to say how great I was, and more to say look these sort of things can be done. I showed them Parc Guell, spoke about Gaudi. Did you know him daddy? ! God no, just massively inspired like so many others, by him. Ravenna, the pavements of Lisboa, the UNAM Library of Juan O Gorman, (thanks to the Arts Council for helping me to go see those things).

Juan O GormanRavenna detailLisboa pavement

The UNAM library in Mexico City, a detail from Ravenna, and one of the numerous street pavement mosaics in Lisbon

So, I realised, I had no pictures of the Blanch project. The last major one I worked on. The first one too where it took on a life of it’s own. Who knows how other people perceive too, afterall I’ve been an absent parent for 12 years. This is perhaps a great illustration of how, once we do things, and put them out there, in the public arena, they’re no longer ours. They are everyone’s, and anyone’s, to do whatever they want with them, in whatever ever way they want.

That said, I realised I had no photos myself of it. Or at least none in a digital format. For the first time in forever two weeks ago I actually had a reason to go to Blanch. Nothing against the place, but just not part of my current circle of activities. It turned out to be a complete horror show of a meeting, one of those ones where within 5 minutes you can see it’s not going to lead to anything and it would just be better if everyone got up, shook hands and said thanks but no thanks. However, what with good social protocol and all that it took a little longer but still achieved the same result.

Needing something to cheer me up, I knew I had this potentially pleasant visit to make. Thankfully the mosaic was still up. Too bloody heavy  to take down perhaps? I got my camera out, and tried to capture it, for me, for the kids, for posterity, so I could have my version of the truth, 12 years later!



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