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Happy tidings : I will be writing for Irish Tech News

Irish Tech News image


Sometimes good ideas evolve quickly. On Friday I first heard about these guys.

By Tuesday lunch time this appeared …

Irish Tech News, new member - Me!


And my first article went up a couple of hours later.

 Fingers crossed it all goes well, and gets good numbers of people reading the articles, which are hopefully useful and relevant to them. The Hardware Hackathon is now sold out too, so perhaps these articles helped play their part.

For me to, it makes me realise it is time to follow the advice of those blogging gurus, not least @viejorottenhat, as well as all the better known ones too. To have one blog for tech / start ups / growth hacking / innovation in Dublin etc. And another one, for the photography and more personal, idiosyncratic stuff. I did think it was good to be multifaceted in one place, but, truth be told. When I go to a particular blog, for a particular topic. I don’t really want to wade through non relevant content to that particular train of thought. Fascinating though it may be.

To this end I have created another blog, where I will put the photos and observations on life, gardening, parenting etc. For example last night the sky looked fantastic.

Sky last night

But back here in Tech land, the focus will be on the Dublin Scene, and boy are there a lot of things coming up over the next few months. So I have plenty penciled in to be writing about.

Still haven’t received my complementary ticket to the Summit yet, but maybe the post is just slow! (Hint hint, ha ha).

Cheers S






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