DCU Innovation Academy, Hardware Hackathon, PCH

PCH Hardware Hackathon coming to DCU Dublin, Irish company Layerlabz supplying 3D printing

Youtube video of Hardware Hackathon


In a few weeks time Ireland will continue to build on it’s reputation as an innovative tech hub in Europe.

Taking place will be the first hardware hackathon in Ireland, at DCU’s new Innovation Campus.

The event will be sponsored by PCH, http://www.pchintl.com/the massively successful company started by Cork native Liam Casey, recently profiled in Wired UK magazine http://www.wired.co.uk/magazine/archive/2014/06/features/liam-casey

The event is reasonably priced, with an early bird price of €25 until August 20th. Even better value if you consider that also covers your food for the weekend too. There is also an impressive range of people contributing their expertise to the event as speakers, mentors and judges. All potentially invaluable in terms of networking and advice opportunities.

Hardware Hackathon

The event website http://hwhackathon.com/will give you a good idea of what will be taking place and hopefully inspire you to come along.

See this video for an explanation of what PCH do, helping other companies to scale up ideas for rapid mass production.

PCH video


Also provided at the event will be the ability to create 3D mock ups of the prototypes devised. This service will be delivered by the rapidly growing young Irish company LayerLabz http://www.layerlabz.com/ . These guys are on the up and up, and are really positive and enthusiastic about the event and their ability to supply a game changing product to the Irish market. Their two founders Alan Donnelly and Rob McGrath will be on hand to help hackathon participants and also recently received delivery of the latest top of the range version of their 3D printer.

See tweet below!

Founders fotoNew laser for Layerlabz

It looks like a great event, with time and resources put into the planning of it, to ensure that it goes well. All creating the right atmosphere to encourage exciting innovation, and ideally successful yet not completely predictable consequences.  Something else to look forward to in September as well as the schools going back!



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