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Niall Harbison tearing it up in the US as he ‘Gets Shit Done’ (10 days till your next dose of GHD)


As you may remember Niall was one of our featured speakers at GHD (Growth Hackers Dublin) 2, back in April.


It was a great talk, and really inspired the audience, based on the comments and feedback afterwards.

Here are the slides to his talk,

and a review of his talk and the whole event.


Our own Jason Roe also followed up on this with an indepth interview, which you can watch on the link below.


From this potential career highlight Niall has actually managed to go onto bigger and better things too with the publication of his new book.


He is now zooming across the States, having done Miami (don’t ask about the car),




and now onto California to promote the book, with over 10,000 sales already.

So, why, you may ask, are we discussing this?

Because this illustrates the kind of high profile successful Irish entrepreneurs we have been getting to the Dublin Growth Hacking events. Even better news for you, is that the next one is now only 10 days away!


Buy your tickets here


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