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Dublin Growth Hackers Events 1 – 4 : Your Feedback

Using survey monkey Survey Monkey

https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QFVTXLS we asked you, members of the Dublin Growth Hackers facebook group what you thought of the 4 events to date, and how, if possible, they could be improved.

Here is a summary of your responses.

1. It’s been an ever changing mix of people attending. Many people have attended one or two of the 4 events, only a few have attended all of them.

2. Overall people enjoyed their time at the event. Though the last minute cancellation of a speaker at the 4th event, was disappointing for those who had come specifically to see that speaker. As unexpected last minute events arose, the Dublin Growth Hackers team put together an interview to compensate for this unexpected change. Here is the link to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZ0hAm5FzLs

Dylan Collins interview

The networking has been  a popular aspect of the event, however some venues have been more conducive than others to achieving this.

3. Price. More people are happy to pay 10 than any other price. 5 & 15 were also moderately popular, while no one was keen to pay 20 to attend.

4. Location. Respondents were not mixed on the Irish Times as a location, feeling the acoustics were not optimal. The Sugar Club was a popular alternative, or anywhere else that facilitated good visuals and mingling afterwards.

5. The current format. This was overwhelmingly popular. People liked the ‘problems faced / problems solved’ approach to the talks, and the opportunity for the audience to ask follow up questions.

6. Future speakers? Attendees were happy with the type of speakers recruited to date. They requested more industry leaders, in particular from media start ups, and to also address funding pitfalls, with ‘lively’, honest case studies.

7. Suggestions.  It was also suggested to have a live screen where in-event tweets, and photographs could be posted. To allow people both there, and off-site, to contribute and engage with the event. The ability to make requests for help, or talent was seen as a valuable opportunity too.

The next event will be on at the Sugar Club, on August 28th, we look forward to seeing you there!


Here is the link to buy tickets for the next event.


5th Dublin Growth Hackers






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