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Review of the 4th Growth Hackers Dublin event on July 10th


Last time it was sunny, people still came.

This time it was pouring down, people still came.

The room was full, sold out. Any more arrivals would have had to sit on the floor.

This is the 4th event in just over 4 months, initially organised by Jason Roe and James Kennedy, with later involvement from Sasha Blumenfeld and other key volunteers. It’s been interesting to see a high ‘churn’ of attendees, about a 35% retention rate. Does this mean once people got what they wanted, they are sufficiently inspired to implement what they have learnt? Or maybe it wasn’t what they were looking for?

For those who there on the night, there were three useful, interesting and thought provoking speakers.

They were as follows;

sat1download (3)   &  sat7

Rob Cumiskey,@robcumiskey,

sat2 download (1)

Stephen O Leary,  @stephenoleary ,



Mick Creen  @MicksGarage,

They were all great.

Rob walked us through how Hailo developed, following a lot of classic guerrilla marketing strategies. Aiming to do them earlier, better, and more creatively than the rest of the market. For tonight’s event they were offering 5 euro off the fare, and they had also run campaigns engaging with the Garth Brook’s story.


Stephen, a last minute replacement, was also excellent. Demonstrating if you can do the right social media analysis. It is possible to find out what products people would like to buy in the future. This was really interesting, once you get your methodology accurate enough to identify whether people are expressing positive or negative desires about something,  then you have a really powerful indication of what they will spend their money on in the future.


Once you filter out the ‘junk’ words, there are invaluable insights. Stephen illustrated spotting when unusual combinations of words come together also offers significant opportunities too. Highlighting the emergence of the chillow, as both fun wish fulfillment, and also something helpful to those suffering from the side affects of chemo.


Mick, when asked what he would do differently, half jokingly(?), said ‘would  I do car parts again?’ His story was one where an idea emerged because he needed to make a living. However if this seems a little self effacing, it was clear they had used google ad words heavily. Learning quickly what was working and good or bad value. He stressed this approach was motivated by extremely limited resources, it was clear though, they had also put a lot of thought into learning quickly and efficiently. They used creative and witty approaches to getting their brand known, tapping into topical issues, Garth Brooks currently for example.


And also product videos for things that don’t actually exist, such as the Treadgain product, to regrow the tread on your car tyre.


Dublin Growth Hackers the event

See all the slides of the speakers HERE on slideshare

Things are, hopefully, getting slicker with each event. From each event to event, lessons are learned and things tweaked. It is now possible to follow the slides of all the presentations by all the speakers.

You can also watch a recording of the whole event here as well.

Responding to the feedback that a growth hacker event should aim to growth hack itself. Give us your opinions. On what you think of previous events, how you think they might be done differently, and whether you would like to come to another event.

Here are 9 short questions

To date the events have been great sharing, open, frank discussions, about successful, and unsuccessful strategies to actually achieve growth for your product or idea. Not everything works, but it often seems like those who kept at it long enough, and looked at the data and made changes once alternatives were identified, were the ones who found success.




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