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Thoughts on guest blog posting, from my experience with TweakYourBiz

Having great fun doing some guest blog posts for tweakyourbiz

this one in June


and this one in May,


which was their 4th most viewed article ( though maybe they said that to get me to write more for them!).

I’m not completely sure what the wider benefits will be of guest blog posts will be. As you know they (blog experts) suggest it builds your profile and reputation. As Joshua Klein mentions, our online reputation may become as valuable and relevant to us, as our face to face one is. Or rather, the two are becoming indistinguishable, merely different facets of the same overall ‘persona’ that we present to the world.

I think, if you can write guest posts for a well used and highly viewed blog, it helps you to get better known. Ideally in a positive way, as long as you are writing useful and interesting content. Web readership gives pretty brutal and rapid feedback, you quickly see if other people like your post. Based on the number of shares, retweets, and all those other ways we move content onto other people, if we think it’s worth passing on.

Naturally it’s tough to find the time to write such pieces, especially unpaid. But, like all things, I guess you have to put yourself out there first. You have to be out there,  showing what you’ve got, to then try and gain some work / further engagements, once you’ve shown you have something to offer.

You need to build up a profile, with your portfolio of killer articles. Part of us, wants to say ‘but I’m great already…’, however I guess we still need to demonstrate this to other people. Even if we’ve been successful elsewhere, in other fields, you still have to build it up again in your new particular niche.

Maybe it helps if you set yourself a goal, X many free guest posts, and then … , er, pay me? Hire me perhaps?

I guess we’ll see how that bit pans out.



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