Dublin, Parenting

Bloody bbq’s, inadvertent parenting advice


[pre incident foto]

BBQ yesterday, there for 15 mins, literally, a cry, and suddenly G staggering towards me with her face and head full of pumping blood, put down my Sierra Navada pale ale beer first naturally, capping it to have some later.


Picked up her up, took her to the kitchen, hoping she wouldn’t stain the hoodie I’d borrowed / took off Cath. Got the flannel, wet it, wiped the blood off, held it against the flap of skin hanging off her eye brow – heads, you bleed like a pig very easily wiped, pressure, wiped, pressure, hosts bit shocked, Aaron, concerned but no help. Zeph and Phoebe off raiding the chocolate stash. Held G, gave her some tortilla crisps, flow of blood stopped by my pressure.


This guy then says I’m a doctor, and I think is worried about me freaking out he gets a plaster, cuts it into strips, like steri strips onto the eye brow. G fine at this point, but it looked bad. Dude then says I’ll just get some glue from the chemist – thanks I say – ‘it’s ok I need to go to the off licence anyway!’ half an hour passes, I keep a close watch on G. Dr reappears, he’s bought ‘glue’.


We rewipe the wound, he puts a piece of cardboard on the eye, for me to hold while he sprays the wound it smells familiar, not iodine, but something disinfecting, she cries a little, proper steri strips go on, then a plaster.


5 mins later I catch G back in the bouncy castle – the scene of the crime, with her face pushed against the wall laughing, while emptying a pint glass out, yank her out – but it meant we stayed at the bbq for 3 hours and avoided spending that time in a & e


point being 2 things


1. you realise if you get the glue spray and the strips, you can treat a lot of this yourself

2. it’s all ahead of you …….. (laughs manically into the future distance)



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