10 songs my dad used to play

He loved his music, and was always keen to tell the stories behind each of the songs.

Being kids we were always a bit fidgety,  yeah yeah, you told us this one already.

It’s tough being kids, we don’t really know how to show our appreciation,

and as adults it’s generally too late to do so.

The great thing, I guess, is we remember the songs, and invariably,


much later,

come to love them too!

1. Blind Lemon Jefferson :  See that my grave is kept clean

1927, (dead by 1929)


2. Pete Seeger : Where have all the flowers gone?


3. Woody Guthrie : This Land is Your Land


4. Leonard Cohen : Suzanne


5. Bob Dylan : Like A Rolling Stone


6. The Animals : The House of The Rising Sun


7. Peter Sarstedt :  Where do you go to my lovely?

Peter Sarstedt

8. Gerry Rafferty Baker Street


9. Dire Straits Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

10. Peter Gabriel Games without frontiers

Peter Gabriel



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