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Better Blogging : Lessons learned

40 days, 40 posts written,  lessons learned! 

# The more posts you write, the better you get at it.

The quicker you write those first 40 (or 400), the sooner you get better at it.

# Your blog is not your diary

We’re not actually that into you!

Personal lives are not as interesting to other people as we think they are.

# Write something that is useful to others

We decide to read based upon if it will help / interest / enlighten / educate / or entertain us.

# Think about what you like to read as a busy blog reader

If the content you’re creating isn’t matching your own expectations then it’s not fair to ask someone else to read it either.

# Preview is your friend

Trust me, you want to use that preview button, again, and again.

Nail those tpyos before someone else does!

# Free sex and money here 

Don’t write misleading sensational titles

Titles need to be snappy, but make them misleading and you just piss people off

# Reddit is a great way to get more people to see your content, but also very easy to get banned too

I posted some landscape photos and forgot to include the resolution details.

I’m still banned from posting anything else, several weeks later.

(I didn’t say I didn’t have a few balls ups along the way!)

# Less IS more

It really is.

Edit, edit, and edit again.

Occam’s razor + Hemingway + Orwell = if it can be said in less words, it is better.


# Have a coherent theme to your blog

It’s kinder to the reader. 

I know I don’t.

Like I said, these are lessons learned, generally the hard way!

# There are great resources out there, use them!

There are great people out there posting intelligent, insightful, thoughtful and helpful posts about how to write well, and produce good engaging blogs.

A big thank you to Ramsay Tarpin (Blog Tyrant), Neil Patel (Quick Sprout), Jeff Bullas and the numerous WordPress help communities out there.

# It’s useful and more than ok to have links to these people

# Twitter is your friend

You can only publicise your new blog post in most social media outlets once or maybe twice.

With twitter, it’s ok to send it out several times, to catch different readers in different time zones.

You often end up in conversations with very interesting people, ‘thought leaders’ , ‘influencers’ and more.

Twitter enables you to do this so much more easily, and in a less stalker like way.

# Use images



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