Books, Seth Godin

I love Seth Godin, but …

The Big Moo by Seth Godin & friends, 2005

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Seth Godin & others, 2005

I like Seth Godin. I’m a big fan.

I’ve read about 6 of his books over the last 3 months, and his daily blog pieces.

They are fun to read.

They are easy to read. They are positive, they encourage you.

They point out that we are living in a time of a rapid change.

That we need to embrace this, not be fearful.

Take the risk. Don’t be a code monkey for the man.

Break free, be ourselves.

I like him, I do. I do.

I think it’s just sometimes I have trouble remembering if I am reading Seth Godin

“you are not ordinary.

In fact, you’re remarkable

Now, hurry. Don’t let yourself down”

or ….

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