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The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World II : Book Review


By Damian Ryan, 2014

40 Advertising campaigns, with lots of information about each one. The names of the advertising executives, the designers, their cv’s, the websites. Ryan speaks about how this creation was a more collaborative venture, with more interaction from the content creators. The trouble is, this is not necessarily a good thing.

This is not a particularly long book in the first place, then there is a fair amount of white space, and a few images thrown in. On top of that there are long lists of awards won, and basically promotional bumpf about the wonderful marketing companies who came up with the campaigns. The trouble is, after awhile it feels like you are reading and endless series of cv’s written, by marketeers, celebrating their marketing skills …

As you can imagine this becomes a little unenlightening after awhile. This feeling is increased, when occasionally, (not for every campaign) there is some critical analysis of a particular campaign. This catches your eye, offers interesting insights, and makes you realise what you have been missing from all the other pieces.

The first example about VW in Norway, is good. Explaining the competition they ran to increase awareness of their product, and the metrics they had to measure the level of both social engagement, and also actual sales. The trouble with too many of the other articles is the amount of time spent on the creators and comments from happy clients, and the awards won. This would all be good if it didn’t feel like it had been written by the PR section of their companies own companies.

I’m a big fan of Understanding Digital Marketing, but this book seemed like the work had been done on gathering the data, but not really on applying an in depth of analysis

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