GlassIS, Wearable Technology

GlassIS : Wearable computing & reading your brain waves



Completed the final part of our UXD design project this morning, whoop  whoop.

Good to get it done and submitted.

A big challenge for us was to try and ensure that what we did was not just a google-glasses-me2.

I’m not sure if we completely succeeded. On the other hand there are a lot of companies out there also trying to create wearable technology, so it is an interesting space to watch.

It’s not as if google have an exclusive monopoly on technology (not yet at least), and other companies are developing variations on the idea of more easily wearable computing.

Once someone can produce something that is cheap, reliable and secure, there will be a great opportunity for a more wearable form of computing than the current small and not so small rectangles we carry around with us at the moment (smart phones and tablets).

We had fun too, trying to develop the next logical steps for wearable computing.


The twitter account @GlassIS1 already has a lot of tech, start up, and growth hacking followers. Since launching the video links above on twitter too, it has gained a bunch of new twitter followers. Maybe that opens up the chance of getting some more funding to develop it. Though sometimes twitter can just generate a lot of noise but not much action too. Despite a lot of favouriting and retweeting of the link to the video, the actual number of views of the video itself on youtube has gone up hardly at all (yet – but usually if something is going to be viewed it happens within the first 5 minutes of seeing the post).

Simply launching and promoting this video has an interesting experiment in itself, just to try and move beyond just twitter buzzes to seeing if it actually achieves any engagement.



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