Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah, Digital Marketing, Social Media

Inbound Marketing : Book Review


Inbound Marketing : Get found using Google, Social media, and Blogs

Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah, 2010 Produced in the New Rules of Social Media series

The author’s company  is Hubspot   

Their twitter handles are @bhalligan & @dharmesh


Jargon busting – what is inbound marketing?

Hubspot’s visual graphic illustrates it as;

download (1)


The idea is to create content interesting enough to attract people to visit and engage with what you have to say. From this point you aim to encourage these interested people to become customers, fans and even advocates of your product. This replaces the old advertising model of simply broadcasting your content to enough people, often enough in the hope sufficient numbers will then buy your product.


This book is a useful primer for how to increase your content being found by potential customers. It is quite short and brief in the depth into which it goes into for each of the different social media options it discusses. Sitting here in DIT library in Aungier St, this is a book that must have been written in 2009 at the latest. An updated and revised second edition could be useful. Not everything is out of date, but as you read the book you are aware of several tools and options that are no longer quite as described in the book. I would definitely recommend it as a quick blitz into the value of creating a good digital profile, however you would then be well served by then checking out how people are using the services mentioned now, 5 years later.

Chapter 12, picking and measuring your people, did raise the interesting idea of a potentially better way to hire and develop inbound marketing employees. This was called DARC, Digital citizens, with Analytical chops, good web Reach, and Content Creators. This seems like a great idea, where you hire people based on how active they actually are on line. Allied to their ability to understand and analyse the data coming in. You also look at their Reach too, as you can then potentially benefit from the networks that the individual is already a member of. Finally you gauge them on the quality of the content they have already created to date. This seems like a good idea.

In Dublin, and Ireland you wonder how many employers are following this route, rather than hiring people who they went to school or college with. The great thing these days is it is trivially easy to see how engaged someone is on twitter, LinkedIn, an industry related blog, or whatever medium most relevant to your business.

Perhaps the authors are planning an update of the book, or maybe feel that things have moved on, and there are other more relevant insights to offer. The great thing is the current hyper connected age is that it is possible to ask them. And I have! As and when I find out more I will update accordingly.


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