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Get Rich Blogging : Book Review (with added blog links)


By Zoe Griffin, 2013

This is a useful book, written in a readable and easy to follow way. Showing how to grow your readership, and things she wishes she did, and would do differently, if starting out again. Like not quitting her job without having everything in place. Though sometimes I guess we need to move first and work out the details the afterwards.

It is interesting and positive to read about the people in the later chapters she interviews who do now make a living out of their blogging. Part 2 has a series of interviews with a range of bloggers, from tech to fashion, from food to parenting. This is really interesting as it gives you a better idea of the pro’s and con’s of trying to make a living out of blogging. Their blog names, facebook and twitter handles are supplied, so it is easy to go and check out the opposition / inspiration in your own chosen field. Learn from what they do well, and create your own particular niche.

Key take outs were the fact it can be a pain having to blog about sponsor’s products more regularly than you would like to. This side of it can get to be a drag if you are not too pushed about it. The importance of considering what you say about friends and family is also really important, both for your and their privacy. It has happened children have been bullied in school as a result of what has been said on a parents blog. You may wish to share it all, but your kids may not feel the same way. Some bloggers also spoke about losing  friends after disclosing more than others would have liked.

She also covers the logistical issues from a non coders point of view too. Tag your photos, optimise for SEO (search engine optimisation). Design it well, incorporate ads, look at your blog as a platform to gaining further exposure and work across other areas, consulting, lectures, speaking engagements. The biggest thing is to be canny, keep a camera with you, react quickly when you see a good story, and also don’t expect to get rich instantly. It is a gradual process, many of her fellow bloggers said it took a year or more to reach any level of critical mass.

All in all though it is written in an accessible way, and was enjoyable to read. And yes, hopefully it will inspire me to keep at it too.

There are specific chapters for specific topics, with lots of great links, below are a few selected ones, buy the book to read more about them.

The tech one has lots and lots of links to good blogs, including;,

The parenting one was also interesting, some of the blogs included;




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