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Increase your blog’s impact : Method 1 Trying Neil Patel’s Quicksprout

There are a lot of ways of increasing the amount of views of your blog.

I’m reading a bunch of different books about ways to do this, why it can be helpful, and how to do it.

I’m not getting paid anything by quicksprout, and I’m trying a lot of different ideas at the same time. However I wanted to share the information about it sooner rather than later, because 2 days into a email course you can sign up to with them, I am already finding it helpful.

First of all, a bit like AA, you have to sign up and make a pledge, to try and double your number of views for the month of May (for example). You post your intent onto the forum. As I had approx 638 views, I know that is an oxymoron, but I lost some when I switched the name of the url! Also didn’t want to make it too tough to reach my target in May. I think 1300 views might be a challenge in itself!



As soon as you sign up, within 24 hours you get a reply from Neil. Maybe it is an automated analysis of your blog and what it is doing well and badly, but it is still kinda cool to be welcomed to your challenge to grow your views.



From the suggestions above, I realise there will be more things I need to read up on, look into, and try and crack. It can certainly feel like that at the beginning, now! But on the other hand, writing for a living is a great way to make a living, and one that has now become within the reach of many more of us now.



Naturally the cynic in us will question how far this will go before we are pushed to start handing over money. That said there are some great free resources on the site, very visually well presented infographics about doubling your conversions and your traffic within 30 days.


I guess we’ll see how it goes, maybe I’ll be painting a different story after 28 more days! The great thing though, is that I / you have nothing to lose, and it’s not the only thing I will be looking into. Also it’s clear that the best person to make your blog work is you. Make it yours, your voice, and then just try and sort out the slightly technical end of things, while mostly concentrating on creating useful and relevant content for other people to read.

So thanks to Quicksprout so far, and lets see how it goes.




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