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Allotment evolution : MC = SP [Many children equals slow progress]

Small blitzes make big differences.

Two hours, for two adults, without kids, wow what difference it can make.

First up, after fixing the bed in the foreground, now the far corner needed some love (the area under the pallets).


Organic matter, covered by leaves cardboard, carpet, and then weighed down by pallets, rocks, and the base of the umbrella stand.


Daisy alley, self seeded from the bed on the left, to pathway on the right.



Covers off, cardboard soggy, but not yet digested by worms, leaf mulch on right,  great organic value, but something only a mother could love.



Bingo, same organic content, just a ‘lil bit purtier now!


Next up, for a bit of fixin’.


And …. hey presto!


Next, fix the paths.

Area on right done, carpet, wood mulch, paving slabs.

Area on left, not done, carpet down, keeps the weeds down, but will then be added to, for more aesthetic look.




If you’ve got nothing going on,  calendula is a great stand in space filler. It does good things to the plot, keeps some predators away, and looks great in the meantime. Strong orange colour. You can also eat the petals,

or use it for a skin cream salve.



Next up, leaf mulch holder, and place to hold scrappy bits of cardboard – great for worm party gatherings. The cardboard also helps to retain moisture, and create a damp environment, which worms love, and will encourage them to breed. Worms may gross you out, but you want them in your leaf mulch, and in your soil. This site too, is very bereft of worms, so we are doing everything we can to encourage, and put them back into the ground.


Goes up quickly.


And, quick as can be, … bob’s your uncle. We also did water it as well, just to encourage that worm party to get kicking.

Image:  [party aint started till the speakers blown, 46 seconds in]




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